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Or has anyone seen this problem before?? I have run several spy ware and virus scans that show none but I have svchost.exe that run at startup as well as random times during the day that essentially prevent Also if Username of "svchost.exe" service entry is other than "System", "Local Service" and "Network Service", then its a virus. Found article during long session trying to cut down cpu usage on Portege 300 which can now be very slow and sometimes just stops and refuses to move like a bold

I extracted tlist.exe to \WINNT\system32. Should I just keep doing this? June 26, 2009 abhishek i performed the above action but i fear that disableing it may harm it in another ways or may stops some function please reply June 29, 2009 From a programming perspective this makes more sense for reusability… but the problem is that you can't launch a .dll file directly from Windows, it has to be loaded up from

Useful information explained in simple terms. January 26, 2008 lankapo gosh, thanks for the info. I need Help.. then 2 more in the next concerning c:\program files\synaptics\synTPEnh.exe.

  1. If the service name is "scvhost.exe" then its a virus.
  2. An example would be: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch In the above command line, the svchost process will look up the ServiceDLL associated with the service name from the DcomLaunch group and load
  3. This could also be a stealth monitoring software that sits in the background and tracks all activities such as keyboard input (including websites visited, passwords etc.) This information can be sent
  4. can u put some light on that?
  5. As for services running under svchost that have security holes in them, your only option is to keep up with the latest news and updates on Microsoft security and security for
  6. October 28, 2009 Nisar Kottayil Its Great!!Really nice!!
  7. The tool is completely free and gives you detailed information for each process currently running.

Appuals.com. 2015-12-03. please suggest me whether it is a virus attack or anything else and give me a solution. What I did not know before Technet's Russinovich was that ProcExp.exe & HowToGeek were so excellent! Any advice?

April 27, 2009 CarlK * HISTORY * helps. Identify svchost.exe Processes via Command Prompt (hard way) 1. To use task list to see the services that a particular SVCHOST.EXE process is loading, just follow these steps: 1. why not find out more This debugging process is not foolproof however; in some cases, a heisenbug may happen, which causes the problem to go away when the service is running separately.[11] A more complex method

thanks a mill October 24, 2009 joe you lost me at the top of this page with the instructions under the heading "Checking From the Command Line (Vista or XP Pro)" Thank you so much for this knowledge information. it mention something like "autohotkey" and its icon is a "H" letter in a green box. Windows should not be trying to establish a connection to the internet anyway unless I tell it to.

Ahemm, ever thought of rewritng some of MS's help articles :). https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/list-services-running-under-svchostexe-process/ Thank you! :) March 18, 2008 Ravi Thapliyal Great Article Jon!!! Fantastic! November 26, 2009 bert winters I get message host process for windows was closed down and then i cant get on the internet,i then have to close the computer and re

I have 13 svchost programs running at the moment. June 8, 2008 The Geek @Bill Snow Often viruses and spyware will disguise themselves as legitimate services by either using the same name, or similar names with spelling errors. Why Are There So Many svchost.exes Running? thanks mate May 9, 2008 RonCam @diya What command are we supposed to enter in win2k? @Pavan And how do I go ahead doing this for non vista and non XP

Will leave it to The Geek to tell us if it's completely identical in function, or just very close … May 15, 2008 Badger Brilliant - thank you. I have to shut off all instances of the msexe.exe then quickly hit the run (install) before they start baack up..What is up with that? or just solving the problem in general? At the command prompt type tasklist /svc /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe" and press the enter key.

May 16, 2008 RonCam @Brady You would have to tell us, first, what operating system are you using? Now the temperature of my laptop is dropping, the fan is getting quieter and the constricted blood vessels in my head are starting to release… ahhhhh August 7, 2008 Neal Excellent Then it restarts (on it's own) and goes through the same process, over and over and over.

Microsoft. ^ http://www.spiegel.de/media/media-35688.pdf Further reading[edit] Russinovich, Mark; Solomon, David; Ionescu, Alex (2009), Windows® Internals (5th ed.), Microsoft Press, ISBN0-7356-2530-1 Russinovich, Mark; Solomon, David; Ionescu, Alex (2012), Windows Internals.

I use XP Home Edition. It gathers info from your PC but I'm yet to see it generate traffic in- or outwards. Process Explorer Screen Scroll through the list of processes until you see the SVCHOST.EXE process(es). Thanks again John April 25, 2009 bergie I don't regard myself as a "geek" but I am a interested party trying to work out whats going on.

December 13, 2009 Talon Well that's not good.. You can't predict when a security hole will appear. Thanks a lot for the usefull and well-arranged informations. May 17, 2009 Violet I have a problem starting up also (Windows XP) Get a few error messages and then it closes down! 1 message is svchost.exe - Application Error ‘The

January 25, 2008 Peter Thank you so much for this awesome guide.