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System Crash When Additional CD Device Added


The user had been editing the initialization files on his workstation, and he had an error in the first line of /etc/rc (I found out later). You then click on the OK button in the subsequent 'Confirm Device Removal' dialogue box and, once the deed is done, power down your PC and remove the hardware. The second part gets carried out in periods of calm between crises. Commercial programs that you downloaded can be recovered from the company that sold them to you. have a peek here

To change module options for those drivers, you can change the /etc/modprobe.conf file and rebuild the initrd, or alternatively (in recent releases of Fedora) you can simply append on the kernel Sometimes this approach works on the second or third try even after failing on the first. Install this with yum, and the next time you reboot, profiling will be done during boot which can be collected by running the command bootchart which will generate a .png file Updating Existing Drivers Generally, installing a newer version of a driver for existing hardware is easier than getting rid of those related to hardware you are about to or have already additional hints

Hard Drive Freezes Computer When Connected

The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Point #2 is a drive firmware limitation, and #3 becomes a problem really only because of #2. This can very easily cause other software to become slow or unresponsive as well, as that software waits for a different I/O request to finish, even if the operating system is This can at least get the system installed, then the drivers can be updated.

New for this edition, make the most of Computer Concepts Illustrated with the all-in-one CourseMate digital solution complete with a media-rich ebook, interactive quizzes and activities, and the Engagement Tracker for This boots the Windows Registry and drivers from the last successful start of Windows. However, very occasionally there may be valid reasons for not upgrading to the latest drivers. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is still good advice, and if your PC is Computer Freezes Hard Drive Light Stays On This makes the system resume in a VGA text mode that the kernel recovers from a lot easier.

Meaning of {} and [] in LaTeX syntax? Computer Freezes When Accessing Hard Drive These memory images can be examined using a debugging tool to see what the kernel was doing when it crashed. Basically you are panicking your SATA controller, which is a super-important system device, which in turn panics Windows. try this These drivers generally provide good performance, but nearly every PC hardware device, including motherboards, graphic cards, soundcards, USB and Firewire peripherals, comes bundled with a CD-ROM containing a set of more

If any device driver is not automatically installed by Windows, the 'Found New Hardware' wizard will appear and ask you to point to suitable drivers on your hard drives, or offer Hard Drive Freezing Up Some adapters need more space, or will not work within the default range of addresses. Most systems automatically write a dump of kernel memory when the system crashes (if possible). It may be useful to initiate the suspend from a tty (ctrl-alt-f1) and run pm-suspend; dmesg > dmesg.out; sync by hand.

  1. In the case of Linux kernels, if you're convinced that you haven't made any mistakes, you can check the relevant newsgroups to see if anyone else has seen the same problem.
  2. These perform all the searches for us, delete all the driver files, and then place the same 150Kb of new driver file versions into the appropriate folders, before telling us to
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  5. If the restore point you chose didn't result in a good boot of Windows then reboot your computer into Safe Mode,choose another restore point, and try again.
  6. Once the search is complete, click on 'Select All' near the bottom of Regseeker's window, then scroll through the list to see if any stray references whose name accidentally incorporates that
  7. The savecore command solves this problem, as we have seen ( the command is called savecrash under HP-UX).NoteIf you want to be able to save crash dumps, you need to ensure

Computer Freezes When Accessing Hard Drive

After the hang, reboot, boot up again. alicez replied Mar 7, 2017 at 6:35 PM I changed reg to remove... Hard Drive Freezes Computer When Connected The drawback to using the CDs/DVDs is the backup process will be very slow and time consuming, and as you will most likely want to make a backup every 3 to Secondary Hard Drive Freezing Computer Before turning the power off to your computer, make sure the hard drive's access light is not blinking.

As this usually involves turning your laptop, notebook, or netbook upside down, you obviously have to make sure there is no hard drive access before doing so. http://placedroid.com/hard-drive/system-hanging-after-new-hd-install.html After they are no longer on the screen, you may still be able to find them by checking the system error log file, usually stored in /var/log/messages (see Chapter 3 for If the power goes off or fdisk hangs, the disk's partition information can be incorrect or wiped out entirely. You can also downoad and run any dedicated uninstall utilities after the event. External Hard Drive Keeps Freezing

I STRIPPED ALL THE CD RECORDER SOFTWARE & RELOADED IT. Explore other computer repair options

Computer Buying Advice Online CPA InfoHQ Help Board About Us Data Privacy Policy Recommend this page to your friends!! Redundant INF FilesAnother potential source of problems is the Windows INF files used during the installation process of each hardware device. Check This Out It's a great file system, and a wonderful volume manager, if you are careful and know what you are doing.

However, if you want to permanently remove the associated file or files, using TweakUI will give you the name of the main file involved, and you can then delete it by External Hard Drive Freezes Windows Explorer The disk, at this point, is busy with the original read and won't respond to further read commands until the one that is currently executing ends (successfully or unsuccessfully), and other Anyway, from now on I will use some dedicated software (such as Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier) instead of Windows Explorer, although I'm not sure if this will work differently, without freezing entire

I'll mostly be referring to MIDI and audio interface drivers, although the majority of the advice also applies to AGP or PCI cards and Firewire, PCMCIA and USB peripherals.

The situation is exactly the same if you, for instance, unbolt a PCI soundcard, so unless you take the trouble to uninstall its Windows drivers they'll continue to hang about and plodr replied Mar 7, 2017 at 6:21 PM New Hard Drive Showing up with 0 Gb Macboatmaster replied Mar 7, 2017 at 6:16 PM Loading... When you decide you've had enough, call field service. Seagate External Hard Drive Freezes My Computer On PCs, devices communicate with the CPU using a variety of methods: interrupt signals, DMA channels, I/O addresses/ports, and memory addresses (listed in decreasing order of conflict likelihood).

Then power up the devices one by one, beginning with peripherals and ending with the CPU if possible, waiting for each one to settle down before going on to the next At this point it is impossible to figure out what caused your computer to lock up as it is not functioning. This option boots the most recent version of the Windows Registry and other settings. this contact form Stay logged in Sign up now!

To access your computer's BIOS you usually hold the Delete key down when your computer is starting up. So far I have tried 3 different brands of CD writers and none will work together with the DVD ROM. The amount of memory allocated can be set using the cbmemsize kernel option. Hit enter and your system files will be scanned for errors.