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svchost.exe high cpu usage & system freezes up

svchost.exe is my problem

svchost.exe use 100% CPU everytime IE starts

svchost.exe issues

SVCHOST.EXE Using up all Resources

svchost.exe using 50% CPU for 5-10 minutes?

SVCHOST services were missing

svchost.exe hogging CPU

svchost using 92-96% of resources

svchost.exe - CPU Usage 100% -

svchost.exe 40% cpu

svchost.exe using 50% CPU

SVCHost issues

svchost.exe file is taking alot of Memory

svchost.exe high cpu usage 50%

svchost.exe process taking up excess memory

svchost.exe using 100% CPU at startup.

SVC host eating up all my CPU

svchost.exe *32 using 25 cpu in temp folder

svchost.exe in Temp folder and eating my CPU

svchost.exe problems!

svchost.exe running at 99%

svchost.exe Memory Leak

svchost.exe taking 100% of cpu

svchost file making problem

svhost.exe problem

Svchostss.exe This a problem?

svchost.exe problem(me again)

syslog.exe hogging 99% of processor usage!

svchost.exe PID: 1428 high CPU

System CPU Problems

System CPU spike

System CPU Usage

System CPU usage at 100%

System is running @ 99% CPU time

System CPU Usage 100%

System is sucking CPU? What is system!?

System Process - High CPU Useage

System process and CPU Usage

SYSTEM PROCESS causing lag

System process at 50%

System Process with High CPU

System Issue - High CPU Usage

system process high when downloading!

System service using 100% CPU

System process using 50% cpu usage

System taking up all CPU power

System uses CPU by itself

System using 50% of CPU

System usage question

System uses 100% cpu!

System using 100% CPU

system32.exe using up 100% CPU

System using up CPU

taskmgr.exe is utilising around 80% process of the system?

That svchost.exe problem

The old Isass.exe virus problems

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