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Symantech Shut Down At Startup


Folders you might want to manually clean include: TEMP, Temporary Internet Files, and MSDOWNLD.TMP. You may receive fatal exception errors or general protection faults during shutdown. Thirteen Step: USE BOOTLOG.TXT TO IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM If Windows still hangs during the shutdown process, create a BOOTLOG.TXT file by restarting the computer, bringing up the Boot Menu, and selecting For instance we had an issue where we were actually doing DA Exports, PST Exports via the API and Move Archive and it would cause some machines to become unresponsive to Source

After each program is enabled, test Windows shutdown. Please note that you use this information only at your own risk -- I am not personally able to verify, in advance, the consequences of any action on every computer of The latest version (which is much better than the one shipped with Windows) can be downloaded here. If Windows shuts down properly, then the program that remained is not causing the problem.

Enable Symantec Endpoint Protection Command Line

Select "View Devices by Connection" at the top. If the system does not hang, rename the files and proceed with these steps: Restart Windows and bring up the Boot Menu. WINDOWS 98 ONLY SCENARIOS: CISCO TCP/IP SUITE 100 PROBLEM If you are using Cisco TCP/IP Suite 100 as your TCP/IP stack, remove it and install Microsoft TCP/IP. Solved!

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  2. Continue re-enabling programs until you either find the problem program (there may be more than one) or all programs have been restored.
  3. If Windows hangs, restore the SYSTEM.INI file to its original configuration.
  4. Many error messages occur not only at shutdown, but at startup or during use of the computer, so it is all but impossible to catalogue them separately just for shutdown troubleshooting
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Therefore, for Win95 computers, if: all previous troubleshooting steps have passed, and this step causes proper shutdown behavior after booting in Safe Mode, and removing all items in the Startup folder FATAL EXCEPTION ERRORS AT SHUTDOWN: In early 2001, an entirely new class of shutdown problem emerged. Showing results for  Search instead for  Do you mean  VOX : Information Governance : Enterprise Vault : Shutdown and startup order of Enterprise Vault ser... So two options exist: Insert your Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) media (DVD or CD) and restart the computer while holding down the "C" key.

FOR WIN98 or ME: Use MSCONFIG. WIN98 SE NOTE: This box does not exist in Win98 SE. Alternatively, you can repair the disk while booted in single user mode if you do not have access to a retail Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) DVD/CD. a fantastic read Continue repeating these steps, selecting an additional check box each time, until your computer fails to restart correctly.

Type "Test Configuration" in the To box. Restart the computer. Mark all the check boxes, click OK, click Close and click Yes. Restart Windows and let it detect the card as new hardware.

How To Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection Service

Click File System. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Enable Symantec Endpoint Protection Command Line Make sure "Never use the numeric data processor" is NOT selected at the bottom. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cannot Open Because Some Symantec Services Are Stopped What i would suggest really is restart of Task Controller every night and restart of all the services once a week, maybe on a sunday or some such?

Physically remove the network card. After you remove the device from the current hardware profile and restart Windows, the drivers associated with the device are removed from memory and the shutdown problem does not occur. Go back and uncheck each box one at a time. Repair the disk, then quit Disk Utility and restart your system.

Microsoft identified this problem in Knowledge Base article 255715, advising that you install version 4.11.6114 or later of the ATI Rage 128 video drivers. The solution is to download and install the latest video driver from www.matrox.com. CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT (already tested above) are not executed. have a peek here logo-symantec-dark-source Loading Your Community Experience Symantec Connect You will need to enable Javascript in your browser to access this site. © 2017 logo-symantec-dark-source Loading Your Community Experience Symantec Connect You will

Floppy disks would be used to boot the computer and, if infected, would infect the hard drive files, as well. NOTE: For additional information about shutdown problems with APM enabled, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article: "Shutdown Hangs After ‘Please Wait While...' Screen" Also, it makes sense to troubleshoot your power management IFSHLP.SYS is still loaded.

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You can either disable these two files manually by removing them from the Library/Startup Items folder, or download the Norton Utilities uninstall tool and follow these instructions: Double-click the NortonUninstall.sit file Right click on My Computer and select Properties. To determine the problem program, re-enable them one at a time by removing the semicolon and resaving the file (or reenabling in MSCONFIG). If the problem recurs, you have identified the device or device driver causing the problem.

Users have reported that the number can be much lower than this. Test Windows shutdown by restarting the computer. (For proper troubleshooting, click Start | Shut Down | Restart | OK. In particular, several MS-MVPs in the Desktop Systems section have contributed to the contents and form of this article as it evolved. This is the most efficient method.

I have just always used it and it works so my thinking is why change 0 Kudos Reply Evservices is really better JesusWept3 Moderator Partner Trusted Advisor Accredited Certified ‎11-20-2011 08:29 This article can be used to troubleshoot the possible causes. (There may be multiple simultaneous causes in a given case.) If you receive a specific error message during shutdown, please search PCI hard disk controllers cannot be unloaded dynamically.) Restart Windows and you will receive the following message: "Windows cannot determine what configuration your computer is in. Detailed instructions for troubleshooting these items are not given in the present article; if you do not know how to test these steps, please seek help in the online peer support

If you receive a Fatal Exception or other error messager at shutdown, examine it first purely from the point of view of the error condition. If it shuts down properly, the problem may be caused by a command line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS file. AdobeVersionCueCS2 folder from the Library/StartupItems folder. Click OK until you return to Control Panel.

Which services should I be stopping and starting after settings the dbs in backup mode? Fix Text (F-48223r1_fix) From the Symantec Endpoint Protection Management Server, Symantec Endpoint Protection Management Console: Select Policies -> Double-click the applied policy -> Under Windows Settings, Protection Technology, select Auto-Protect -> HIMEM.SYS is loaded with the /testmem:on switch and all other switches suppressed. An interesting variation on this issue: Several correspondents have confirmed (in Windows ME) that if there is a shutdown problem and no Exit Windows sound, the shutdown problem was resolved by

Second Step: STARTUP/SHUTDOWN TROUBLESHOOTING WIZARD A shutdown troubleshooter is built right into Windows 98 and Windows ME. Though these files can be relocated on a given system, their default locations are usually on the C: drive. Click on the Troubleshooting entry in the menu. When the shutdown problem occurs, you will have identified the command causing the problem.

After getting the Storage Service to restart every night, this has no longer been an option. If Windows does not hang during shutdown, a virtual device driver may be causing the problem. If you did not make changes, go to EIGHTH STEP; otherwise, reboot and then test Windows shutdown.